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All information and artistic work on Artifacial is attributed to Arthur Elsenaar and listed collaborators. (Re)publication of images, video, sound or text, only with permission of the author. Please contact me to work out an agreement which likely can be based upon a Creative Commons license.

Photo and video credits

If media credits are not explicitly mentioned, they can be attributed to Josephine Jasperse, Jeroen Meijer, Victor Nieuwenhuijs or Ellen Zweig.

Ethical statement

Tracker free website. No Ads. No Google analytics, no Facebook likes, no Twitter follow links or any other unethical practices. Secure website –https– is enabled by default as it should be. It prevents ISPs to inject ads or other despicable data into the website.


Work inspired by the Artifacial project is the responsibility of the creator him- or herself.

Health and Safety

Applying electricity to the live human body is not without health risks. Ensure utmost care no dangerous currents can flow through the body. See my recommendations and anecdote on what can go wrong. Indeed, in early experiments I damaged some nerves..