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Huge Harry's lecture in Kapelica Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia.
Photo: Josephine Jasperse

Huge Harry: Towards a Digital Computer with a Human Face

“Huge Harry” is a lecture/ performance by computational persona Huge Harry, the president and spokesmachine of the IAAA (Institute of Artificial Art Amsterdam). In this lecture Huge Harry discusses his latest research findings on the computer-human relationship. Harry demonstrates on a live subject (Elsenaar’s wired face) the unique capabilities of human-to-human facial communication and how the human face can be deployed to enhance computer-to-human communication.

Full transcript of lecture.


The Huge Harry lecture series has been followed up by a sequel. Perfect Paul picked up the challenges proposed by Harry and argues for and demonstrates an emerging field of artistic research dubbed electro-facial choreography.

Add video registration of the very first performance in Zaandam Netherlands.


year: 1994
duration: ~20:00
co-author: Arthur Elsenaar, Remko Scha
tags: facial expression, choreography, computer-human interfacing, Duchenne de Boulogne