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Clickable motor points marked on the face.


a.k.a. Compose Your Emoticon

R-emote* is a live Internet performance where remote users have clickable control over the wired up facial expressions of the artist. The piece was performed for a simultaneous and live audience on two continents: in Europe in the cities of Delft and Groningen and in North America in Toronto. A second enactment took place for students at Brown University, Providence USA and the Frank Mohr Institute, Groningen, Netherlands.

R-emote composers got direct feedback of the created facial expressions by means of a dedicated ISDN video conference link in the first enactment and by webcam in the second. Simply because in the first instance the current state of web technology didn’t allow reliable videoconferencing.


The audience and students participating in the experiments reported a sense of awkwardness to be able to ‘physically’ touch a face thousands of miles away.

* Formerly spelled as rEmote.

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year: 1995
tags: performance, electric muscle stimulation, remote physical control, internet