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Choreologic probing of dynamic face space. Video: Josephine Jasperse, Jeroen Meijer

Raw Lab experiments

deploying The Language of Facial E-motion

Raw Lab is an extensive systematic exploration of dynamic face space. This is the space defined by all possible facial movement patterns that can be brought about by computational exploration. This is distinct from static face space that deals with facial expressions to denote for example the emotions. This research however deals with sequences of facial movement patterns as in a choreography.

Choreologic probing is a methodology that is based upon a topological analysis of the face in combination with logical operations on sets of muscles and facial structure. A strategy to narrow down the infinite dimension of dynamic face space while still yielding possible interesting results. A successful attempt in finding new unseen facial movement patterns.

Raw Lab is part of my doctoral electro-facial choreography research project that has resulted in the definition of The Language of Facial E-motion. It identifies and names choreographic patterns like the Nose Loop, Lip Flip, Brow Broom or the peculiar Brow Flap.


See also The Varieties of Human Facial Expression for an exploration of static face space.

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year: 2009
tags: electric muscle stimulation, dynamic face space, facial choreography