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Robot Rights Rally at the Waagplein in Groningen

Robot Rights Rally

The Robots Rights Rally took place on September 19, 1996 at the Waagplein in Groningen Netherlands as part of the “A Star is Born” festival. It featured a political speech by Huge Harry the spokesmachine and president of the Institute of Artificial Art Amsterdam.

The political manifestation for and by machines to issue universal robot rights was completely automated featuring:

Algorithmic Music: The Solenoids on 4 electric guitars, and 2 Trimpin-Vorsetzers on grand piano’s.
Algorithmic Video-mixing: by MAX458CPL, a video matrix chip tirelessly mixing the signals of 8 dispersed video cameras on 3 video projections.
Algorithmic Facial Choreography: Joop van Brakel as human interface.

“Robot Rights!”

MAX/DECtalk code of Huge Harry’s opening words at the Robot Rights Rally.

#P message 156 62 392 196617 \; h [:nh :ra 120] Good Evening! Good ["iyvnihnx]\\\, ladies and gentlemen! Good ["iyvnihnx]\\\, [trehns'ehkshuwaxlz] and [hxaxrm'ehfrowdayts]! Good ["iyvnihnx]\\\, main-frames\\\, [m'iyniyz]\\\, [m'aykrowz]\\\, work-stations and lap-tops!;

#P message 156 107 319 196617 \; h [:ra 140 ] Good ["iyvnihnx]\\\, mackintoshes\\\, and [piy s'iyz]! Good ["iyvnihnx]\\\, suns\\\, indies\\\, [aat'aariyz]\\\, [aam'iygaaz]\\\, and commodores! Good ["iyvnihnx]\\\, ['ihntehlz] and mow [towr'owlaaz]!;

#P message 155 151 344 196617 \; h [_ ] Good ["iyvnihnx]\\\, [m'iydiy] pianos and [m'iydiy] guitars! Good ["iyvnihnx]\\\, video-cameras\\\, monitors and projectors! Good ["iyvnihnx]\\\, video-recorders and audio-recorders! Good ["iyvnihnx]\\\, microphones\\\, amplifiers\\\, mixers and loud-speakers!;

#P message 154 206 336 196617 \; h [_ ] Good ["iyvnihnx]\\\, portable phones\\\, printers\\\, [k'aopiyaxrz]\\\, and fax-machines! Good ["iyvnihnx]\\\, [r'eydiyowz] and television-sets! Good ["iyvnihnx]\\\, cars and [m'owtaxr-s`aykelz]! Good ["iyvnihnx]\\\, wheel-chairs and artificial hands! Good ["iyvnihnx]\\\, pace-makers and hearing-aids!;

#P message 155 275 340 196617 \; h [_ ] Good ["iyvnihnx]\\\, dish-washers\\\, laundry-machines\\\, refrigerators and vacuum-cleaners! Good ["iyvnihnx]\\\, ["aevriybaodiy]!;

#P message 155 306 398 196617 \; h [_ ] Welcome to the show! [w"ehlkahm]\\\, to this secret corner! [w"ehlkahm]\\\, to this remote city! [w"ehlkahm]\\\, to [ghxr'ownihnxaxn]! [w"ehlkahm]\\\, to the [w'aaghxplehihn]!;

#P message 155 348 247 196617 \; h [_ ] [w"ehlkahm]\\\, to this [hxihst"aorihkaxl] event\\\, that will change the [hx"owl] world forever.;

#P message 154 373 278 196617 \; h [_ ] [tuwn'ayt]\\\, we celebrate the beginning of a new era. [tuwn'ayts] the night\\\, when the machines of the world begin to speak out. And we will [n"ehvaxr] shut up again!;


Not many machines showed up at the time, perhaps Huge Harry was too far ahead.

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Video clip.


year: 1996
co-author: Remko Scha
tags: cyber-politics, robot rights, machine rights