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Perfect Paul at Defibrillator Gallery Chicago USA.
Photo: Mateo Binder

Perfect Paul: On Freedom of Facial Expression

Digital persona Perfect Paul presents his latest research findings on the external controlled human face as a site for artistic computational expression. Perfect Paul –in a live show down of computer versus human facial choreographic capabilities– unveils an as yet unknown expressive potential of the human facial hardware and discusses its political ramifications.

First performed at Technarte 2012 Art & Technology International Conference, where it won the Best Speaker Award.

Full transcript of lecture.


“Most disruptively, however, Arthur Elsenaar’s wonderful and hilarious performance, in which a computer externally controls his facial muscles, had to be rescheduled when the computer in question refused to play along.”
“Towards an aesthetic of failure” by Elaine Speight


”@artelse facial hacking performance absolutely amazing! Need to see it to believe it #digi3”
Tweet by Digital Aesthetic conference


year: 2012
duration: 22:00
co-author: Arthur Elsenaar
tags: facial choreography, dance, freedom of movement